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Vivekanada Nagar, Hyderabad
Vivekanada Nagar, Hyderabad


ASHRITHA (in Sanskrit means “refuge”, “shelter”, “haven”) is a voluntary and non profit organization registered under the A.P Societies Registration Act with registration number 2715/1999. It was started by committed philanthropists who wanted to give their free service to help the poor and the needy.

In appreciation of the services rendered among the poor and deprived few philanthropists and agencies came forward to extend a helping hand to make it a full time activity for the under privileged children. 

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Formal Education for Slum Children through Holy Child English Medium School

Urban Deprived Child Education Program, we are having 300 children of age group of 3-15 years who are economically poor and not going to school. Ashritha has taken the initiative to run a day care formal regular English medium school for children in the age group of  3- 15 years with the support received from few philanthropists. Under this programme it is giving regular English medium schooling for slum children who are poor and marginalised. Parents go for work in the morning and child is sent to school and they are with us till evening 5 p.m. We are imparting education to children along with extracurricular activities under the style as The Holy Child English Medium school.

ASHRITHA Vocational Skill Training Center.

Vocational Training center was started as a joint initiative between Ashritha Organisation, Lions Club of Jeedimetla and Nakoda Chemicals. Under this program the Youth and Women from the local area are making use of the above facility and getting themselves trained. Training in tailoring, Embroidery and Maggam works and computer training  are being taught. The women trained are excelling well by doing tailoring on their own and finding jobs.


Ashritha in collaboration with Lions Club of Jeedimetla, Hyderabad and Nakoda Chemicals is also organising free health camps and thus creating awareness and providing some medical services.